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International Society of Hypertension

New Investigators Network

New Investigators Network
Mentorship Scheme

The ISH Mentorship Scheme is an exciting new scheme designed to bring together New Investigators (students and hypertension researchers who are within 10 years of a doctoral degree) and more experienced investigators.

This might be in relation to anything from advice on specific experimental methods to possibilities of postdoctoral employment and it is hoped that connections established will offer mutual benefit to all those involved.

Purpose of the Scheme:

  • To enhance the educational, social and personal growth of new investigators through a supportive relationship with their mentors
  • To facilitate collaborative research around the world
  • To introduce bright younger investigators to established labs
  • To add value to membership of the ISH


Once links are made, interactions can be electronic or in person or at the time of conferences (such as the ISH Biennial Scientific Meetings). Conference mentorships will offer possibilities for those new investigators presenting their work for the first time to shadow a senior person.

How to become involved:

The Programme is restricted to the ISH Community (Regular Members and Research Fellows).

If you are interested in becoming involved:

Established Investigators: Please contact the ISH Secretariat to express your commitment in acting as a mentor and include the following:

  • A brief description of your research area (3-4 sentences)
  • Your contact information (your Lab, Department, University/Institute ,e-mail and website addresses)
  • A photo of yourself (if possible) to be posted on the New Investigators Network webpages

New Investigators: Please send the ISH Secretariat:

  • A short piece about your research and yourself (3-4 sentences)
  • Your contact information
  • A photo of yourself (if possible) to be posted on the New Investigators Network webpages
  • When responding please identify whether you would like to make contact with an ISH Mentor who is an expert in your field, simply to build networks or obtain useful advice and possible collaboration.

If you are not yet a member or Research Fellow, but would like to become involved with this scheme, please click here for information on how to join the Society.

Click here to view a useful recommended publication on mentorship

Alternatively, please contact the ISH Secretariat from our contact page