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The New Investigator Committee (NIC) is charged with encouraging and supporting New Investigator Network initiatives to attract and retain younger members of the ISH.

NIC Working Groups were established at the start of 2013 to strengthen and further develop network activities and ensure regional representation where possible. Details follow of all current members.

  • Ruan Kruger/Members

    Ruan Kruger Chair

    South Africa

    I am a basic scientist with special interest in clinical and epidemiological population studies focusing on ethnic phenotyping of cardiovascular pathophysiology related to hypertension, arterial stiffness and cardiac impairment (echocardiography). My research particularly includes novel biomarkers and early predictors of cardiovascular disease aiming to contribute to the prevention of early incidence in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Fadi Charchar/Members

    Fadi Charchar New Investigator Liaison Officer


    My research interests focus on genomics of cardiovascular disease in humans and animal models. I have a special interest in the contribution of the Y chromosome and microRNA to hypertension.

  • Media and Communications Working Group

    Cesar Romero/Members

    Cesar Romero Lead


    • Oneeb Mian

      Oneeb Mian


    • Elena Velkoska

      Elena Velkoska


    • Lina Ma


    • Matias Zanuzzi


  • Networking and Recruitment Working Group

    Sofie Brouwers/Members

    Sofie Brouwers Lead


    • Evi Christofidou

      Evi Christofidou


    • Akira Nishiyama

      Akira Nishiyama


    • Brandi Wynne

      Brandi Wynne


    • Katrina Mirabito


    • Masaki Mogi


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