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International Society of Hypertension

New Investigators Network

New Investigator Network
About Us

Welcome to The New Investigator Network

The ISH New Investigator Network (ISHNIN) has been established to serve as a platform for interaction between students and new investigators and allow new avenues for communication, collaboration and education.

The New Investigator Network provides opportunities for all new scientists within the ISH to interact and build relationships, as well as to gain experience and exposure within the society as they start their scientific careers. Numerous initiatives are aimed at fostering relationships between researchers across the globe and include web and video casts, a quarterly newsletter, and a mentorship scheme. Moreover, an annual New Investigators' Symposium is held. This is organized, executed, adjudicated, and moderated by new scientists within the ISH. The network maintains a social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

If you are not already a member of the Society, why not join now?

New Investigator Committee

The New Investigator Committee (NIC) is charged with encouraging and supporting New Investigator Network initiatives to attract and retain younger members of the ISH. Core members include: M. Tomaszewski (Chair), D. Burger, F. Charchar, A. Schutte and P. Veerabhadrappa .

Three NIC Working Groups (1) Media (2) Networking and Mentorship (3) Recruitment were established at the start of 2013 to strengthen and further develop network activities and ensure regional representation where possible. Each group is lead by an NIC committee member. Details follow of all members.

  • Maciej Tomaszewski/Members

    Maciej Tomaszewski Chair UK

    My research interests focus primarily on genetics and genomics of cardiovascular disorders with a particular emphasis on essential hypertension and its complications. I am also interested in genetic and environmental background of sexual dimorphism in cardiovascular risk (why men develop and die of cardiovascular disorders more frequently than age-matched women).

  • Alta Schutte / New Investigators Liaison Officer

    Alta Schutte New Investigator Liaison Officer

    South Africa

    As the Research Chair in Chronic Diseases in South Africa, my research spans clinical and epidemiological population studies focusing on the development of hypertension in African communities.

  • Media Working Group

    Dylan Burger/Members

    Dylan Burger Lead


    My research focuses on the cellular mechanisms of oxidative stress, inflammation and vascular dysfunction in hypertension. I have a particular interest in the role of microparticles, tiny cellular fragments shed from stressed cells of the vasculature, in hypertension and vascular disease.

    • Lucinda Hilliard

      Lucinda Hilliard


    • Andre Pascal Kengne

      Andre Pascal Kengne

      South Africa

    • Ruan Kruger

      Ruan Kruger

      South Africa

    • Oneeb Mian

      Oneeb Mian


    • Ricardo Pena-Silva

      Ricardo Peña Silva


    • Panagiotis Xaplanteris

      Panagiotis Xaplanteris


  • Networking and Mentorship Working Group

    Fadi Charchar/Members

    Fadi Charchar Lead


    My research interests focus on genomics of cardiovascular disease in humans and animal models. I have a special interest in the contribution of the Y chromosome and microRNA to hypertension.

    • Katrina Binger

      Katrina Binger


    • Sofie Brouwers

      Sofie Brouwers


    • Karla Haack

      Karla Haack


    • Augusto Montezano

      Augusto Montezano


    • Krupa Savalia

      Krupa Savalia


  • Recruitment Working Group

    Praveen Veerabhadrappa/Members

    Praveen Veerabhadrappa Lead


    My research is focused on the Blood Pressure-measurement/monitoring (ABPM) and the effects of lifestyle modification on endothelial cell function (FMD/IMT) and vascular inflammatory biomarkers in hypertensive subjects.

    • Matilde Alique

      Matilde Alique


    • Rana El Bikai

      Rana El Bikai

      Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    • Evi Christofidou

      Evi Christofidou


    • Francine Marques

      Francine Marques


    • Cesar Romero

      Cesar Romero


    • Fady Hannah-Shmouni

      Fady Hannah-Shmouni Lead,
      New Investigator Spotlight


    • Richard Wainford

      Richard Wainford