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ISH Endorsement and Support Policy

The International Society of Hypertension (ISH) is regularly approached to endorse a variety of materials from external organisations, including guidelines, position statements, websites, products, pamphlets, or other miscellaneous items that may benefit the membership of the ISH.

This policy aims to summarise the Society’s conditions and policy under which the ISH name and logo can be used and to minimise confusion and assist with efficient and effective response to endorsement requests.

The ISH is committed to systematically evaluating these materials and disseminating them to its membership as appropriate.

Of note, endorsement of meetings is detailed separately below.


In consultation with the Executive Committee, the Chair of the ISH Research, Science and Education Committee (RSE) will make an assessment of whether a request for endorsement has merit. If so, it is then circulated to all members of the RSE. A request worthy of consideration for ISH endorsement will be circulated to the Executive Committee for ratification. Given that there are often time constraints for such requests, Executive Committee approval or rejection may be obtained by e-mail vote after a two-week period of consideration and opportunity for comment.

Criteria for Endorsement

  • The proposal must be relevant and appropriate to the mission and interests of the ISH and its membership.
  • The proposal must originate from a recognised, credible organisation.
  • Proposals in which individuals might be perceived to benefit personally or professionally from endorsement should be avoided.
  • The request for endorsement should clearly outline what, if anything, endorsement entails on the part of the ISH and what the ISH may or may not expect in return.
  • The ISH encourages organisations to inform the ISH of their intent to request endorsement as early as possible in the development of the material. Although the ISH endorsement does not necessarily require the ISH’s input into the material, the likelihood of endorsement is greatly increased by ISH involvement in, and knowledge of, the development of this.
  • If the endorsement is to be ongoing for more than 1 year, then the RSE Committee should review the endorsement periodically (every 12 months) to be sure that it has remained consistent with the mission of the Society.
  • If the endorsement pertains to a publication then it is imperative that members of the RSE Committee are able to review the publication in its entirety prior to approval for endorsement.
  • The ISH response will depend on whether there is time to respond effectively.
  • An activity or publication should preferably have a regional or international focus and not just be relevant to an individual country.
  • When activities are endorsed by the ISH, the Society may on occasions, and on a case by case basis, agree to cover costs associated with them. This is subject to availability of Society funding as advised by the ISH Treasurer.
  • Requests simply to inform ISH members and others about activities of potential interest to them (most usually by adding a link to the ISH website and on rare occasions by email) do not require ISH endorsement or RSE Committee consideration. Such requests should be directed to the ISH Secretariat who will seek confirmation of suitability from the ISH Secretary or another ISH officer if the Secretary is not available.

Terms of Endorsement

  • ISH endorsement permits use of the ISH name and logo in association with the approved proposal.
  • The ISH reserves the right to withdraw endorsement at any time if the opinion of the Council is that the proposal is inconsistent with or no longer relevant to the mission of the ISH.

A request must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Society by emailing: secretariat__AT__ish-world__DOT__com


Meeting Endorsement

The ISH receives requests to endorse scientific meetings or to be a sponsor or co-sponsor of scientific meetings apart from those that it has specifically organised or initiated.

The criteria and procedures for approval of such endorsement or sponsorship are set out below:

  • Endorsement, sponsorship or recognition will only be granted for scientific meetings whose objectives meet with those of the Society – i.e. "to promote and encourage the advancement of scientific knowledge in all aspects of research in hypertension and connected cardiovascular diseases".
  • In order for the ISH to endorse a meeting not wholly organised or initiated by itself, the ISH Executive Committee must be actively involved in planning the scientific programme and selecting speakers.
  • The Society will only endorse, sponsor or recognise a limited number of high quality scientific meetings which should have an international, multinational or regional basis. Purely national meetings will not normally qualify for endorsement.
  • A decision of the Society to endorse, sponsor or recognise a scientific meeting means support without any financial obligations on the part of the ISH.
  • A request must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Society and should contain sufficient details of the meeting, its purpose and subject matter, its organisers, the members of its Scientific Committee, a copy of the scientific programme, proposed participants, financial sponsorship, publication policy, proposed title, dates and venue.
  • The Council will not endorse meetings which are in competition with ISH meetings or its main partners such as ESH, or in competition with publications arising from ISH or ESH meetings.
  • The decision to endorse, sponsor or recognise a scientific meeting will be made by the Executive Committee of the ISH Council.

Please send your requests to:

Email: secretariat__AT__ish-world__DOT__com

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