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International Society of Hypertension

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ISH Awards & Prizes

The International Society of Hypertension (ISH) promotes and encourages the advancement of scientific research and knowledge and of its application in all aspects of hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases. The Society offers a number of awards and lectureships at each Biennial Meeting.

A number of these awards are made possible by the specific and general support of our Corporate Members, emphasizing their shared vision for the advancement of knowledge and recognition of achievement. The Society is most grateful for this generous support.

International Forum Poster Prizes, supported by Daiichi-Sankyo and ISH

Daiichi Sankyo Award

ISH International Forum Poster Prizes will be awarded at the ISH Biennial Scientific Meetings of the Society in:

  • Basic Science
  • Clinical Science
  • Population science

Prizes in all three categories will be awarded to each of the Regions that comprise the ISH International Forum. These regions are:

  • Africa
  • Asia & Australasia
  • Eastern Europe & Middle East
  • Central and South America
  • Western Europe & North America

These prestigious awards will be selected by an independent judging panel. The quality of the submitted abstract and especially the quality of the poster presentation will be the basis for the awards.

These prizes represent a strong and ongoing commitment by the ISH through the International Forum to recognise and reward the best research from all across the globe.

International Forum Poster Prizes 2012


Prizes were supported by Daiichi-Sankyo and Clinical Science in 2012. Winners for 2012 are as follows…


  • L Olatunji

    Basic Science L Olatunji


  • R Kruger

    Clinical Science R Kruger


  • A Akintunde

    Population Science A Akintunde


Asia & Australasia

  • M Pinkham

    Basic Science M Pinkham

    New Zealand

  • M Liu

    Clinical Science M Liu


  • C Grimes

    Population Science C Grimes


Eastern Europe & Middle East

  • U Czubek

    Clinical Science U Czubek


Central & South America

  • T Fernandes

    Basic Science T Fernandes


  • C.A Romero

    Clinical Science C.A Romero


Western Europe & North America

  • S Muehlstedt

    Basic Science S Muehlstedt


  • M Tomaszewski

    Clinical Science M Tomaszewski


  • Y Chen

    Population Science Y Chen


International Forum Poster Prizes 2010


Clinical Science Prizes were supported by Daiichi-Sankyo for 2010. Winners for 2010 are as follows…


  • M Nel

    Basic Science M J Nel

    South Africa

  • Akintunde A Nigeria

    Clinical Science A Akintunde


  • J-R Buyamba-Kabangu

    Population Science J-R Buyamba-Kabangu

    D.R Congo

Asia & Australasia

  • S Khong

    Basic Science S Khong


  • Q Ruan

    Clinical Science Q Ruan


  • H Onishi

    Population Science H Onishi


Eastern Europe & Middle East

  • Maja Pinterova

    Basic Science M Pintérová

    Czech Republic

  • R Dechend

    Clinical Science R Dechend


  • I Tzoulaki

    Population Science I Tzoulaki


Central & South America

  • L Ferder

    Basic Science L Ferder

    Puerto Rico

  • D Arita

    Clinical Science D Arita


  • E Silva

    Population Science E Silva


Western Europe & North America

  • D Burger

    Basic Science D Burger


  • R Yuen

    Clinical Science R Yuen


  • C Robitaille

    Population Science C Robitaille